Sol-Ark Integration

Customer Portal & Fleet Management for Sol-Ark Installers

Display and enrich your Sol-Ark systems within your own white-label customer portal generating better reviews & more referrals.

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… and much more you are missing out on from just Sol-Ark alone.

Give your customers access to their Sol-Ark data within your own branded app

Sunvoy comes with your own white-label customer portal that features your logo, your voice and your colors. Promote your own business by integrating directly with Sol-Ark.

  • See the same information from Sol-Ark and enhance it with info from other data sources like your CRM
  • Stay top of mind every time your customers opens their phone and checks their solar energy production
  • Create a referral engine by capitalizing on the customer relationship over the lifetime of the system

Improve the monthly Sol-Ark energy reports to include your own brand

Send Sol-Ark Energy Reports Your Clients Love.

Remind Customers of who sold them solar in the first place and who actually installed it every time they think about their solar system.

Combine it with a powerful call to action that serve your most important company goals:

Use your own customer portal to attract more 5-star reviews, increase your referral business and automate all of your solar customer communications or other tidious repetive tasks.

without Sunvoy

  • Technical and hard to understand
  • Ignores your own marketing priorities
  • None of your branding
  • Poor customer experience

withSunvoy Logo

  • Beautifully designed
  • Increases referrals & reviews
  • Tailored to your brand
  • Displays info your customers actually care about

A better way to grow your business with Sol-Ark Inverters

Sunvoy is more than just a simple white-label user interface that enhances your Sol-Ark Inverter data.

It is a modern web and mobile app that enables your solar company to own the customer relationship from the moment they sign a contract with you until the end of the system's lifetime.

It also improves your Sol-Ark data by incorporating information from your other systems and allows you to automate tedious tasks within your solar business.

Milestone tracker

Keep your customer up to date on the construction progress & engage them even before the system goes live

Automated communications

Standarize and automate your marketing communications across email, text and push notifications

Personalized text messages

Generate 5-Star Reviews and Referrals on auto pilot

Performance Monitoring

Provide intelligent and proactive lifetime active monitoring

Ticketing System

Reduce the noise and focus on what matters with a smart ticketing system that integrates with any inverter

Document management

Provide access to frequently requested documents like warranties, manuals, invoices or contracts

… and much more

without Sunvoy

  • Only focus on technical users and customers
  • Not properly optimized for mobile
  • Doesn’t improve your solar installer’s branding
  • Displays only your Sol-Ark Data

withSunvoy Logo

  • Beautiful & easy to use on any device
  • State-of-the-art user interface
  • Displays your own branding front & center
  • Displays data from any Inverter or Software

Use your favorite hardware...

...without compromising on Customer Experience

Inverter manufacturers focus usually on producing hardware rather than software, with their primary customers being installers rather than the home owner. As a busy solar CEO, decreasing the cost of acquisition and improving customer happiness is just one item on your long to-do list. However, for us, it is our entire focus. We eat, sleep, and breathe improving the end customers' experience and the relationship they have with you as their installer.

When solar installers can lower their cost of acquisition and improve customer satisfaction, they can install more solar panels and buy more hardware from the manufacturer thus growing the entire industry.

We respect brands

This means your white-label Sol-Ark customer portal and fleet management app will live on your domain, have your logo, your colors and your voice without mentioning Sunvoy.

It also means that we respect the manufacturer's brand by displaying their logo wherever their data is used within the customer portal.

We believe that in order to accomplish our collective mission of fighting climate change, the entire industry, from the solar installer to the manufacturer need to work together.

A direct connection to Sol-Ark

By using the official Sol-Ark API, you can obtain the same data your customers see through the Sol-Ark app and make it available under your own branding. You can also enrich and consolidate this data with information from your other software, hardware, and IT systems.

This allows all of your support tickets, customer information, marketing communications, and more to reside within a single app, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tabs or switch between different systems.

For your home owners it means they can use a single app to check on their Sol-Ark inverter production and control other hardware pieces, such as Sense or Emporia without having to install yet another app.

Say goodbye to your fragmented software & hardware patchwork and say hello to Sunvoy.

Connect to Sol-Ark with one click

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