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We started Sunvoy while running our $10M+ solar business – Ipsun Solar – being frustrated that none of the available software could solve our most painful business problems.

While scaling our fully vertically integrated EPC business to 60+ employees, $10M+ in annual sales and a top residential solar installer in just a few years we started to run into repetitive issues:

And while many different solutions exist (yes, we have tried them all) they usually only solve a small part of the problem while simultaneously making others worse (hello to yet another app that priotizes their own branding or where you have to type in basic customer information again and again).

From conversations with other installers doing hundreds of millions of dollar in sales we figured that if you are a fast growing solar installer you’re guaranteed to have faced similar challenges.

That’s the main reason why many companies have thought or even tried to build a solution in-house and failed.

Noticing that building and maintaining world-class software at scale, production-ready and feature-complete solving all of your use cases without creating a frankenstein monster is next to impossible if it is not your core compentency.

Costing them more than just time and money by not focusing on the solar business they are already being successful with.

We got so frustrated with this that we thought…

there needs to be a better way

In late 2020 we decided to join forces with an award winning SaaS developer with a proven track record to build a new type of software where each of us could focus on what we are the best in the world at:

Knowing exactly which problems solar installers face and how to connect them with the right solutions, beautifully executed delighting both you and your end customers every time you interact with our software.

Combined with the magic and reliability of a mature, enterprise ready SaaS Platform that gives you uptime guarantees, airtight security and peace at night no ”home-build” solution could ever accomplish (or do you suggest your customers to build and install their own solar panels?)

Sunvoy was not started back then by three random dudes building software. All of us have stood on roofs, interacted with customers and know solar just like you:

Polaroid photos

We've built a successfull eight-figure solar installation company. No need to conduct thousands of customer interviews, hearing issues only once through an unreliable filter at best. Instead, we have honest down-to-earth conversations with other solar CEOs to confirm and continuously get feedback on the problems we already know firsthand from running our business.

Ipsun Solar Team

Sunvoy is the first software build by solar installers for solar installers.

It is not a solution dreamed up by snake oil mans looking to make a profit and disconnected from your day-to-day reality installing solar panels on rooftops every day.

We are sitting in the driver seat just like you.

And by aggregating the best ideas from our customer base, including some of largest solar installers worldwide, we continously innovate to improve and grow everybody’s business all day, every day.

Like a giant flywheel we keep spinning faster and faster,
advancing towards our collective mission of…

Fighting climate change with code by helping solar installers run and grow their business.

Here is what sets us apart:

We are a solar installer like you.

Same as you, we have crews out & interacting with home owners day in day out, meaning we know first hand what matters. In addition to feedback from some of the largest solar installers using Sunvoy we also get feedback from our own teams that use Sunvoy every day to solve our own problems.

We build delightful software for you.

You frown upon using ugly, slow and decade old software just as much as we do. That’s why we’ve deliberately engineered Sunvoy to be beautiful and fast in every interaction and on any device.

We are as experienced as you.

As a founding team we bring collectively over 30+ years of experience in solar, clean energy and how to craft and design beautiful software that just works. Our Founders have worked for the White House, pioneered Solar Cars and build web experiences that have moved millions of dollars. Now we are focusing on driving actual value to your business.

We don’t lock you in.

No long term contracts. No empty promises. Our customers stay voluntary because we become an indispensable part of their operations, running like a well installed solar system with a backup battery that adds value and extra revenue to your bottom line every single day.

We are self funded & profitable.

Too many venture funded start ups end up like Icarus: getting burned because they fly too high. Half of them won’t exist after the next recession. Instead of investors we care about you as the customer. Your needs instead of a board of investors drive our decisions. We are working on this because we are excited about hard problems to solve and can keep working on this potentially for ever without requiring a big exit that suddenly turns the lights off or raises your pricing.

We are humans like you.

You can approach and speak to us. We give free consulting for all things solar based on our own experience on our blog and in 1-on-1 conversations everday. We don’t know everything. Just as anybody else we sometimes make mistakes. But we stand up for them and do the right thing instead of hiding ourselves behind a faceless corporate line. Just pick up the phone and talk to any of our founders.

Global challenges require the rise to occasion of a…

global & remote team

Sunvoy was…

Made for you

We are tired of software made by people that never understand our day-to-day challenges as a commercial & residential solar business.

Sunvoy is the missing piece of software we wished existed years ago and that now powers some of the largest solar installers from hundreds of thousands of home owners and hundreds of millions in revenue.

We take our job very serious because we know how much your business means to both you and humanity.

Herve, Jascha & Joe and the entire Sunvoy team

As featured in:

"...helps manage solar inverter connectivity"

"...developed to help solar installers"

"...helps installers maintain their direct relationship with their customers"

"a one-click fix that shows installers all of their affected systems on a location-enabled map"

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